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    Skylar Nagao

    Peerio requires an email address or phone number for a few reasons. One is to facilitate basic features of Peerio such as push notifications and allowing your contacts to find you by searching for your other contact addresses. Importantly, a user's primary address is also used for facilitating support requests and communicating critical account information, including notices of legal requests or concerns of illegitimate account activity.

    Peerio does not require users to authenticate their identities. Users concerned with anonyminity can take a few measures, such as registering with a fake email, a username that does not reflect their identity, and being careful to not create a contact network that might be able to identify you (such as added all of your family members).

    Although Peerio is not designed to be an anonymizing tool itself, we do intend to offer support for the Tor network in the future. We hope to make this integration as seamless and simple as possible for users looking to communicate over the Tor network. We understand that, for many users, anonyminity will be as valuable as the confidentiality of their communications, and we will be doing our best to improve this functionality in the upcoming months.

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