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    Skylar Nagao

    Hi EM,

    We hear you and do have plans to develop an in-app preview feature. This is a complex task, so will be coming later on, but we do hope to have it in the upcoming months.

    When you download a file, the decryption happens locally, so you are not actually sharing the unencrypted file online at any point when downloading the file.

    However, you are right, it would not hurt to have a notice when downloading indicating the unencrypted version of the file be stored locally on their device. I've made a ticket for this issue on GitHub, available here:

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    I believe that the preview of txt files would be great as well. We keep a lot of notes in txt files and check some info there would be great without downloading all of them, but after you find the needed file - you can download it for the editing access or so.

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    Eren Bilgin

    Hi Denik, we recently added previewing of images to Peerio 2 and are planning on supporting other file types. Your feedback helps us prioritise so thanks for taking the time to contact us. Stay tuned! 

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