Lost Activation Code



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    Skylar Nagao

    Hi Dave,

    Confirmation codes will automatically expire after 10 minutes as a security measure. If I'm understanding this correctly though, you've tried to register multiple times and have not received confirmation codes after multiple attempts?

    If this is the case, could you please contact support@peerio.com and provide us with a bit more information, including the email address you're trying to register with? This will help us see what might be happening with your confirmation code.

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    Dave Skram

    Skylar, that's correct. Used the same information each time and kept receiving the "come back later" message. Assume that was your 10 minute expire notice. Don't know why I kept receiving it though... Anyway, it finally went thru later in the evening and everything is working fine now. Thanks much for the most excellent service and for this much-needed product.

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